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When the coin variety of the credit owned by the participant is brief, the player is commanded to insert additional coins . In the racing form guess, the racing form wager mode show as proven in FIG. In the racing kind guess mode display, hypothesis information of the racing kind is displayed in the racing type speculation data indication area K1 and the speculation racing kind show region K2 on the proper aspect of the speculation display region H5. Speculation information of the racing form is displayed. The participant touches the arrow-shaped button K3 to thereby switch the racing form .

When the wager operational input is not made, Step S63 follows. The participant touches the all bets button K5 to thereby make the wager operation input. When no guess operational input is made, Step S23 follows. In a current state indication area J in a lowermost part of the information display 20, present states are transversely displayed. As the present states, a betted coin number , a received coin number , apaidcoinnumber and an amassed coin number are displayed. 2, a touch panel 9 is disposed on the individual show 6.

The large-sized display three and the speakers 4 are linked to the main sport board eleven. The major sport board 11 outputs image alerts to the large-sized display 3 and outputs sound signals to the speakers 4 to output recreation pictures and sounds. The introduction of Know Your Customer rules in the betting trade ought to be put in place. The identification, date of delivery and supply of fund of any punter ought to be known and verified. Customer Due Diligence also wants to be carried out in order to determine the risk profile of the punters.

For instance, when a recreation player touches the button "-10", all mixtures of odds within the vary could also be indicated. For example, if an odds for "1-4" is 15 instances, and an provides for "2-4" is 35 occasions, the button 1-4 and the button 2-4 are touched twice to pick out two mixtures, "1-4" and "2-4". In a quantity indication region H1, horse numbers are displayed.

In the present embodiment, the speculation data offered by eight racing forms, or a racing form 1, a racing form 2, ......, a racing form 8 are displayed in the hypothesis indication areas H5, H6. The horse race game system based on the current embodiment comprises, as shown in FIG. 2, comprises a main sport board eleven, and the game boards 12 of respective satellites through an arc internet hub thirteen. The main recreation board eleven primarily controls usually the horse race sport device 1, and the game boards 12 make controls respectively for the sport players of the respective satellites 5.

The guideline can focus on insurance policies, procedures for the operations of firms within the trade and the reporting lines of suspicious activity. How to handle Politically Exposed Persons and their transactions including other excessive danger clients should be addressed by the rules. Another approach to launder the dirty funds is when the criminal rig the result of the sports recreation to his or her favor and will get clean funds in return after profitable the bet. Further the dirty cash is co-mingled with clean funds obtained from punters earlier than the money is deposited in the bank account.

For example, when hypothesis marks ⊚ (odds-on), ○ , ▲ , △ , ☆ , × are decided, ⊚ -○, ⊚ - ▲ , ○ - ▲, ⊚ - △, ⊚ - ☆, ⊚ - × are recommendable buys.

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The game gamers choose one from the racing forms, whereby recommendable buys could be automatically commanded. In hypothesis indication areas H5, H6 on the right aspect of the horse name indication area H2, speculations by the respective racing types are indicated by ⊚, ○, ▲, Δ, ☆, ×, etc.

Below the message indication area L1, an odds setting button M2 is displayed. In the present example, 4 setting buttons, "-10", " ", "20 -30", "30-" are displayed. A recreation participant touches the percentages setting button M2 to thereby set a goal coin number.

The bet control methodology can permit sport players to simply and shortly bet. First, a participant touches a horse number in the number indication region H1, or a horse name within the horse name indication area H2 to thereby select a horse quantity as an axis . When the horse number because the axis is selected, as shown in FIG. 6, speculated quinellas with the axial horse number concerned, and their odds are displayed in the racing form hypothesis data indication region K1.

In a horse name indication area H2, horse names are displayed. In a racing manner indication area H3 within the horse name indication area H2, racing styles (NIGE , SENKO , SASHI , OIKOMI are displayed. In a horse type indication region H4, horse varieties are displayed. Also the federal government should review the present Gaming Act, to incorporate Anti- Money Laundering clauses. Further the Gaming Commission of Ghana should concern Anti-Money Laundering and Combating of Terrorist Financing (AML/CFT) guidelines for the gaming, betting, casino, lottery industry.

A racing kind launch button K4 is displayed beneath the arrow-shaped button K3. When the racing type release button K4 is touched, the racing kind bet mode is released. The speculated racing kind which has been chosen on the time

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when the racing kind wager mode is launched is saved, and, when the speculated betting mode is selected, the speculated racing kind is first indicated within the next racing form mode. A hit launch button N4 is displayed beneath the arrow-shaped button N3. When the hit launch button N4 is touched, the hit command bet mode is launched. A hit place which has been selected at the time when the hit commanding bet mode is released is stored, and the hit place is first indicated within the next hit commanding bet mode.

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